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Data Protection you can Trust

ProbeTech 5-Point Data Security Assessment

Are you certain your data is protected? Are you taking pro-active measures to educate your employees on the risks to your organization’s information?

Let Probe Technologies help. Using skills learned and Industry Best Practices, we will perform a 5-Point Data Security Assessment of your network / computers. Many businesses are unaware of the potential threats to their data and networks. Often, measures are put in place, but never reviewed afterwards. With Probe Technologies’ 5-Point Data Security Assessment we can pinpoint areas of concern, verify current measures are actually configured and working properly, and more importantly, provide information on how to stay protected.

If you aren’t sure your data is safe, contact us.

Stop Spyware, Viruses and More before they become a problem

ProbeTech Monthly Care Plan

The ProbeTech Monthly Care Plan is designed to minimize the impact of critical business systems failures if, and when, they occur.

ProbeTech Monthly Care Plan highlights:

  • Scheduled on-site visits
  • Remote monitoring of the server. Includes setting up the server to send warning notifications (if supported by the server’s software) to Probe Technologies, Ltd. support staff.
  • Installation of any / all Windows security patches. Includes contacting third part software vendors to verify compatibility with Microsoft Windows updates and patches.
  • Test restores of random backups
  • Scanning for and remove of Spyware / Viruses
  • Fix any other issues that may arise between visits